National Hypnotherapy Society | We are Accredited!

The National Hypnotherapy Society (HS) holds the first and only current hypnotherapy register to be accredited by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) under its Accredited Registers programme.

An Accredited Register is the result of the programme set up by the Department of Health and administered by the PSA who are an independent body, accountable to Parliament. The PSA accredits registers of people working in a variety of health and social care occupations to ensure that the public can choose safe, ethical and competent professionals for their health and social care needs.

Members of the public are encouraged to choose a Hypnotherapy practitioner who belongs to a register which has been vetted and approved by the PSA.

Hypnotherapists on our register are known as Registrants. Being accredited under the Accredited Register programme offers enhanced protection to anyone looking for, or wanting to offer, Hypnotherapy services. This includes:

· Members of the public seeking a Registered Hypnotherapist

· Qualified Hypnotherapists seeking to become Registrants

Once on our register, Registrants will be able to display the AR quality mark, as a sign that they belong to a register which meets the Authority's rigorous standards.

To find a registered Hypnotherapist please visit:

To find out how to apply for Society membership visit:, or contact the Society on 01903 236857