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Studies have shown that the forecast can indeed affect your mental health.

As humans we are programmed to rest when it is dark and be active when it is light as are many other creatures. This is why when spring arrives, we may feel uplifted and energised and there are plenty of ways that we can prolong this feeling and feel happier for longer.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is often a time of year that we decide to get rid of things that we have stored over the winter. De-cluttering our surrounding can also be a useful tool in de-cluttering our mind; cleaner, more organised surroundings can have positive effects of our metal health and the finished results of a tidy litter free home can be very rewarding. But don't just stop at the house, why not clean out your inbox and your text messages.

Getting back outside

Lack of vitamin D is a real issue and can cause us to have achy bones, bad skin and many other symptoms all of which can have negative effects on our wellbeing. Now that the amount of daylight we have each day is increasing we have the opportunity to get outside and boost our wellbeing by feeling the sun warm our skin again.

Recent studies shown in the article below by country living, show that getting outside for even a short walk can have benefits on our health that can last for up to 7 hours.

Read the article here.

More time

During the winter months it can feel as if the days are over very quickly, with the cold nights rolling in at 4pm we are more likely to stay in on our own. This means that sometimes we miss out on the health benefits we get from being social. Longer days mean we have more time to get out and do fun things and give our attention to our close friends and family ultimately making us feel happier and loved.

Beautiful sights

When spring arrives, flowers start to bloom meaning bright colours and lovely smells fill our surroundings. This, along with the fresh air and warm sun on our skin, causes our bodies to produce positive hormones, bringing an immediate sense of exhilaration.

It has also been proven that getting out in the garden, appreciating the plants and even pulling up some weeds increases brain activity and produces a general sense of wellbeing.

If you are a keen gardener or this is something you may be interest in; studies have shown that growing vegetables also improves our wellbeing. Caring for something and watching it go on to flourish can be very fulfilling. Plants such as courgettes, runner beans, carrots and salad leaves are a very good place to start for beginners.


Nature and the wonderful effects it can have on our well-being is something that we can all take for granted. It's reassuring, and comforting elements are often used in hypnotherapy.

During hypnotherapy, clients can be asked to imagine a place that makes them feel calm and safe. For most people, the place they describe is somewhere completely surrounded by nature on a warm spring or summer day; for example, the woods, a pond or stream, a field, or the ocean.

These places are then used as a tool to help clients relax and feel serene during sessions and once this tranquil place has been established, individuals can go on to visit this place outside of sessions to help them relax during times of anxiety.

This technique can be used during hypnobirthing, for times of anxiety and even facing difficult situations. If you would like to find out more, please visit our website here.