National Hypnotherapy Society | Hypnotherapy and Sugar

There are conflicting reports from different professionals with regards to sugar and how addictive it might be. Despite the variations in research and statistics, most of us know that eating too much sugar can be detrimental to physical health but did you know that it could also be affecting your mental health?

An article from the Guardian shares research from University College London (UCL). UCL researchers looked at sugar in the diet and common mental health problems "in a very large cohort of 5,000 men and 2,000 women recruited for the Whitehall II study in the 1980s."

They have reported that their studies show a "strong association between consuming higher levels of sugar and depression in men. Men with the highest intake - more than 67g a day - had a 23% increased chance of suffering a common mental disorder after five years than those who consumed the lowest levels of sugar - less than 39.5g." The University also noted that "there is increasing evidence for the physical damage sugar has on our health. Our work suggests an additional mental health effect." (

If you are struggling to control the amount of sugar you are eating and want to make a change, maybe hypnotherapy could be the extra help you need. This time of year can be particularly hard - chocolate is in nearly every shop and it can feel as though you are surrounded by sugary temptation!

Hypnotherapy can be an excellent motivator for change and can be used to help change habits and modify behaviours such as healthy eating.

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